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Janak Equestrian Club, Gurgaon, is one of the finest in NCR area and is truly one of a kind. Founded in 1995, the club promotes equine sports and activities.

Several sportspersons from the club have represented and excelled in various horse shows & championships. Nested in the greens of Gurgaon extension but still 10-15 mins aways from anywhere in the city, the club offers serene natural surroundings and chattering bird noise while the riders enjoy their ride.

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A riding hat or helmet

Must be designed specifically for riding. Bicycling helmet is not recommended. It is for rider secuirty so we can't allow any one to ride without helmet.

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Riding pants

Legs must be fully covered and though riding pants are recommended for regulars to ensure the rider does not develop welts on his/her legs. The first couple of sessions can be taken in long pants or jeans.

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Riding boots withhard sole shoes

Not only it protects the lower part of the legs and feet, it is important so the rider has a firm grip in the stirrup.

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Benefits of

Horse Riding

  • Each 40 mins session of riding & equestrian yogo burns more than 200 calories
  • Is equal to 60 mins workout in a gym
  • Is an excellent stress buster and the bond between the rider & the horse is the only focus above all it's simple fun, makes people happy
  • It is essential when riding to be wearing the correct attire to avoid injuries and discomfort while riding.

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